Waterproof AirTag Case for Dogs


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Don’t know which AirTag holder is suitable for dogs? Look here, this waterproof airtag case for dogs is made of high-quality TPU material, and with an exquisite patented design style, people can’t put it down. Whether the dog is running, jumping, or rolling, our protective case can easily be used in a variety of scenarios. It’s one of the best pet accessories in 2022.

Comfortable AirTag Case

To reduce the burden on the dog, we designed this ultra-lightweight AIRTAG loop, which is made of environmentally friendly and non-toxic TPU material, smooth and wear-resistant, and long-lasting bright. While protecting the airtag, it also allows the dog to wear the locator happily. This case can be used on any size dog collar and is easy to put on or take off. The puppy doesn’t even know it is there.

a dog wearing an airtag case

Good Waterproof Performance

Dogs are animals and tend to get dirty and wet while running. To protect the airtag locator, it is necessary to have a waterproof AirTag holder for dogs. Our case adopts a 360° all-inclusive design to prevent scratches, drops, and collisions. More importantly, you can wipe it clean with water and paper during the wearing process, so that the AirTag is always as clean as new.

Doesn’t Affect The AirTag Signal

As an AirTag case, it should not affect the positioning of the AirTag. After repeated experiments and tests, this waterproof AirTag holder for dogs does not affect the airtag signal at all. However, Apple does not recommend using airtag in the woods or other remote areas, as it will not work. Therefore, please use airtag for dogs in areas with good communication.

New Upgraded Waterproof AirTag Case For Dogs

In addition to the functions of waterproof, comfortable, and unobstructed communication, we have upgraded the raw materials, and the texture has been further improved. The design style has also been fine-tuned to make it more simple and durable. The overall performance improvement also makes the product more durable.

6 advantages of the airtag case

  • Not aging: The appearance of the product is long-lasting and bright, and it’s not easy to age and change color
  • Not dust: All-round protection of the airtag against dust and stains
  • Anti-scratch: The overall polished design makes the AirTag case more smooth and wear-resistant
  • No shedding: Up and down buckle design, easy to install, not easy to fall off
  • anti-fingerprint: Easy to clean, say goodbye to fingerprints
  • anti-seismic: soft TPU material, good anti-seismic performance

Suitable For Multiple Usage Scenarios

With the diversification of use requirements, our waterproof AirTag case is not only suitable for dogs to wear, but also can be used in a variety of life situations, easily competent. We can switch to use according to our needs at any time, and it is very convenient for one machine to use multiple functions.

multiple usage scenarios of airtag case

  • Pet loss prevention: Cute pets often leave our sight and run as much as they want, which bothers us endlessly. It doesn’t matter, as long as we have our locator protective cover, you can easily wear the airtag on your pet collar, and you don’t have to worry about finding our baby again.
  • Child protection: Child protection should not be ignored. Hang the airtag on the child’s backpack, trousers bag, or any place where it can be hung to protect the children’s safety from the beginning.
  • Search for small items: Small items are often left at hand, and I don’t know where they are. Use this protective shell to connect between the item and the airtag, and the small problem can be easily solved.
  • Luggage loss prevention: You have to stay in multiple places when traveling, and you accidentally forget your luggage. Fortunately, I used the airtag, and it was another perfect trip.

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