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AirPods Pro is often easy to lose? May wish to use it with an AirTag. This AirPods Pro case for AirTag can realize their two-in-one, making finding AirPods Pro more accurate and quicker.

We usually use Find My to find AirPods Pro directly, which is usually effective. But when the AirPods Pro is out of range or out of power, it won’t help. In order to prevent this from happening, we can use AirTag, a professional tracker, which is bound to the shell of AirPods Pro to make the positioning more precise and the operation easier.

According to the above requirements, we designed this exquisite AirPods Pro case with AirTag slot. We use ergonomic design, 1:1 real machine mold so that this protective case is simple and generous. In addition, it also uses skin-friendly silicone material, which feels smooth and comfortable, making people love it.


The product information of this AirPods Pro case for AirTag slot is as follows, including applicable model, material, size, and thickness.

product information of the airtag and airpods pro case
And there are 6 classic colors for customers to choose from, including black, gray, red, pink, green, and blue, there is always one that suits you. We also match a high-quality keychain, which is convenient for users to carry.

Customers who purchase now can also enjoy the buy one get one free promotion. A total of two high-quality protective cases (excluding AirTag locator and AirPods Pro)


The high-quality silicone is non-toxic, tasteless, insoluble in water and any solvents, and has stable chemical properties. It is used in mobile phone cases and protective case, which has extremely high drop resistance.

Taking advantage of this feature, we have adopted a highly elastic silicone material. Protect AirTag and AirPods Pro from daily collision damage.

airtag and airpods pro case made of elastic silicone

In addition to its super anti-drop performance and beautiful appearance, this protective case also feels comfortable and elastic when touched by hands. The smooth design lines make the grip feel extremely gentle and delicate. The feeling of use is excellent.


In daily use, we always hope that we are beautiful and the things we wear are as bright as new. The surface of this protective cover is coated with a high-tech feel oil, which can insulate most dust and oil stains. As long as it is not dropped in a mud pit or oil drum and other particularly dirty places, it can be refreshed and clean. Therefore, anti-fingerprint is easy to get, no fingerprint traces can be seen no matter how to touch it.

antifouling airpods pro case for airtag

What about the daily slight friction and scratching? Whether it can be used for a long time without scratches on the surface. Of course, we pay special attention to this in the selection of materials, using fine-pored silica gel, which has a higher density and is more wear-resistant. Perfectly solve all the concerns of users.


This protective case does have a certain anti-fouling function, but it is not 100% anti-fouling. It will always stick to special stains. In order to remain beautiful and durable, easy cleaning is very important. Needless to say, the waterproof performance of silicone material is good. When our AirPods Pro case with AirTag is a bit dirty, take off the case and rinse it gently with water, and it becomes brand new again. Or just wipe it with a paper towel, and it can be refreshed.

washable airpods pro case for airtag

It’s really a good protective case, you can easily find AirPods Pro with it. If you like it too, use it now. At the moment when AirTag and AirPods Pro are connected, simple life begins.


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